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General Information & Recommendation for Admission

  1. At the time of admission to class I, the child should complete 5 years on the 31st March of the year.
  2. Prescribed Registration form for admission can be obtained from the school office on cash payment of Rs. 20/- from the 1st March of the year.
  3. It should be duly filled and submitted, with the required documents and certificates before the stipulated date.
  4. Registration fee is not refundable and mere registration is no guarantee for admission.
  5. Documents required for admission :
  6. Original TC / SLC (Countersigned by Competent Authority).
  7. Progress Report Card or :ne previous school.
  8. Birth Certificate for admission into Class-I
  9. Guardians who claim fee relaxation have to submit certificate from concerned authority at the time of admission.
  10. Migration Certificate for class -XI students (Not applicable for CBSE students)
  1. Parents wanting to withdraw their wards from the school will have to apply for transfer certificate which is issued free of cost and have to submit at least 10 days notice.
  2. Parents wanting to withdraw their wards from the school at the end of the session will have to apply latest by 20th March otherwise fee will be charged for the subsequent month / quarter.
  3. All dues will have to be cleared before a TC is issued,
The School Library:
  1. Library facilities are provided for all classes and students are encouraged to read books to get knowledge and information.
  2. Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  3. No one can take a book from the library without the permission of librarian and without having it duly entered.
  4. Books are issued for use of borrower only.
  5. Marketing, underlining or tearing of pages are strictly prohibited.
  6. Reference books and important books are for consultation and may be called for anytime during the working hours of the library. They are not issued.
  7. If any student loses the books, he/she will have to pay the cost of the book in full in addition to the fine that will be charged.
  8. A book may be issued at a time for one week. If any student wishes to keep the book for a longtime, he/ she will have to get it re-issued.
  9. A fine of Rs. 1/- per day maybe charged if the book is not returned on the stipulated day.
  1. Strict silence must be kept in the laboratories during the practical as well as at other times.
  2. No equipment or chemicals except the ones issued for the practicals, should be handled by the students.
  3. Students are warned not to take equipment or chemical out of the laboratories without the explicit permission of the Teacher-in-Charge.
  4. Laboratory glassware, apparatus and other equipments should be handled with extreme care. Fine will be charged in case of damage caused to any apparatus.
School Uniform Note : School has opted new School Uniform as per advertised in the school w.e.f 2013-14.For wednesday T-shirt shall be used in four different colours representing four different Houses namely Ashok ,Gandhi,Tagore and Vivekanand. In special cases old uniform may be used for this session only. Hair Maintenance : In case of boys, growing up long hairs is not permitted in the school, students’ haircut should be above and behind the collar line and ear line respectively. The hair should be combed cleaning the forehead. Students who do not follow the above mentioned code shall be dealt with and necessary measures shall be taken to follow the same. In case of girls, hair should be combed back or sideways clearing the forehead. Hairclips (non-ornamental) should be used either sides to secure them neatly. Attendance: The minimum percentage of attendance required to appear in the session ending exam. is as follows Classes IX to XII – 75% Classes Ito VIII – 90% No student shall be permitted to appear in the session ending exam/CBSE Board exam. without obtaining this percentage.However,medical case and any other genuine case may be considered sympathetically.lt will be the duty of the class teacher to send a registered letter countersigned by the principal to the concerned parent at the end of month whenever there is a shortage.

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