Range School

Range School Chandipur

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • To participate in the establishment of vibrant and modern India where the young will be free from illiteracy, unemployment and be internationally competitive enough to fit into the knowledge based society along with self-discipline, national outlook and religious tolerance.

Our Mission

  1. To prepare the younger generation for a better future by improving their capabilities to face the challenges of the outside world.

  2. To provide quality education and help in the holistic development of students so that they blossom into mature, responsible and productive citizens.

  3. To provide a school climate in which students feel happy and secure.

  4. To equip our students with the basic inputs for understanding global issues.

  5. To bring in an open-minded approach to changes and innovations introduced.

  6. To make international dimension an integral part of teaching and learning in the school.

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